Here you can find information about my compositions and arrangements, purchase scores of them in pdf format, and also hear mp3s of some of them.

I write in a tonal style, reminiscent of romantic composers from Chopin to Rachmaninov. I firmly believe in writing music that appeals to audiences, in which melody and harmony are essential components. I write for both solo instruments and ensembles, and examples of all aspects of my work can be seen on the sub-page menues.

As a pianist, I am frequently frustrated by not being able to play orchestral music, and consequently have made a number of solo piano transcriptions of such material, for example Vivaldi's Four Seasons. You can find scores for these under 'Piano Music'.



Lullaby in_Eb
Song Without Words
Song Without Words - for BD
Song Without Words - for LT
The Turquoise Sea laps the White Sand of Raratonga
Piano Sonata in F Minor

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