I have many years of teaching experience, which covers all ages and all abilities, from complete beginners to advanced students preparing to enter music college. I am based in Glossop on the edge of the Peak District, and am able to teach at home, or I can travel to you. 

Lessons cost from 16.

Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching is a mixture of learning to read the notes and aural training, as I believe students learn faster and gain more enjoyment from the music by developing good aural skills. In my experience, each student learns at his or her own pace, and exams should be taken only when the student is fully prepared. Pushing students from one grade to another just to achieve the qualification often results in the student loosing their enjoyment of the music, and lessons and practise become a chore rather than being fun. In addition, I believe that students should have a say in the music they play. As both a performer and a teacher, I have found that a piece is more enjoyable, and learnt to a better standard, when the student really wants to play it.
Instilling a good technique in the student is at the heart of my teaching, as technique is often the root of problems that may be encountered later. A solid technique is the basis of my own playing and has enabled me to play music to a much higher standard than I would otherwise be able. Technical work is therefore a key element in my lessons, and carefully structured to avoid the boredom and demoralisation that is often associated with this work. 
I also believe that motivation is of key importance. This comes partly from making lessons enjoyable, but also from expecting high standards. In my experience, the students who work the hardest are the ones who find the most enjoyment in their music. I also regularly demonstrate technique and interpretation, as it is interesting and inspiring for students to hear their teachers play. It is also a valuable learning tool, as many children are able to copy something that they did not understand when explained in words.
In my own experience studying a musical instrument is extremely rewarding, and can help a person to develop many life skills. I always embrace a new challenge, and enjoy helping others to learn the skills which I have developed - passing on these skills is something I find very rewarding.

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