CD: The Forgotten Romantic – Keyboard Works of Sergei Bortkiewicz

Lloyd recorded this debut CD of piano music by Bortkiewicz in 2008 with Amemptos Music.

Bortkiewicz was born in Kharkov (Ukraine) in 1877 and had by any criterion a fascinating life. Living through the Russian Revolution and both World Wars, he spent much of his time uprooted, wandering and often in poverty. Yet during this time he was able, nonetheless, to compose some magnificent works, including three piano concertos, several symphonic and orchestral works and many pieces of varying length for the piano – his own instrument. Full of melody and always romantic and tonal, it is only recently that some of his output has been revived – and much is still lost. Bortkiewicz died in Vienna in 1952.

To record this CD we were fortunate in being able to obtain permission from the Holburne Museum in Bath to record the music on the Steinway concert grand that Sergei Rachmaninov chose from Steinway’s showrooms in London at the start of the 20th century, and which he used for all his UK performances after 1928. With a stunningly beautiful treble range and a thunderous bass which is very evident in this recording, it really is a magnificent instrument.


Lamentations and Consolations, Op 17

  1. Recitativo dolente – andantino
  2. Tranquillo e pensieroso
  3. Allegro non tanto
  4. Sostenuto e pensieroso – andante
  5. Andante
  6. Cantabile
  7. Moderato
  8. Andante

Lyrica Nova, Op 59

  1. Con moto – affetuoso
  2. Andantino
  3. Andantine
  4. Con slancio

Preludes, Op 66 Nos 1 & 3 (No 2 lost)

  1. Prelude No 1
  2. Prelude No 3

Sonata No 2, Op 60 (recorded live in concert)

  1. Allegro ma non troppo
  2. Allegretto
  3. Andante misericordioso
  4. Agitato

Detailed notes are available on the Amemptos website here.

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“Wonderful playing … listening to this CD makes it very clear that it is time to put this composer back onto the ‘must be played’ list”

David Porcelijn, 2008