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Student Testimonial

My 16 year old son has been a pupil of Mr Buck for the past 5 years. During this time his skills and confidence have improved dramatically and he has developed a love of playing, which I believe has been influenced by Mr Buck’s own passion for music. Mr Buck is patient, kind and encouraging and enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of music. He uses a variety of teaching methods which helps to keep my son motivated when learning difficult pieces. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Buck as a piano teacher.  

Why choose piano lessons with Lloyd?

Lloyd offers world-class piano tuition, drawing from his extensive experience as a piano teacher, virtuoso pianist, accompanist, conductor, and composer. He graduated with a BMus (Hons) in piano performance from the Royal College of Music in 2006, and with an MMus in piano performance from the Royal Northern College of Music in 2010. During his studies, he benefited from masterclasses with distinguished artists, including Stephen Hough, Bernard d’Ascoli and Graham Scott.

solid musical foundation

Develop a strong foundation that supports a lifelong musical journey, with an emphasis on both technique and artistic expression.

Excellence in Examinations

Receive guidance and support to excel in piano examinations while also nurturing a deep understanding of music theory.

learn performance skills

Cultivate stage presence and confidence, enabling poised and emotive performances, all while emphasizing interpretation and expression.

Personalised Goals

Tailor lessons to align with your unique musical objectives and skill level, creating a customised learning experience.

musical understanding

Delve into comprehensive music theory seamlessly integrated into your lessons, making it accessible and relevant to your musical journey.

rekindled passion

Rediscover your passion for piano, especially if you’re returning to it, through lessons that emphasize creativity and artistic expression.

artistic expression

Infuse your music with personal expression and emotions, fostering a love for music-making.

Improved Technique

Focus on technical refinement to enhance your performance abilities while avoiding the boredom and demoralisation often associated with this work.

Flexible Learning

Adapt lessons to your schedule and pace, ensuring convenience and a tailored approach to your musical growth.

Global Accessibility

Benefit from online lessons that break down geographical barriers, making high-quality instruction accessible worldwide.


Where do lessons take place?

Lessons primarily take place at your home if you live within a 5 mile radius of Glossop. There is also the possibility of you coming to my home studio for lessons, although availability may be limited.

How long are lessons, and what do they cost?

Lessons vary in length depending on the age and ability of the student. Typically, lessons last 30 minutes for beginners, and 60 minutes for more advanced students. The cost varies depending on the length and location of the lesson.
Please contact me for further information.

Do I need a piano at home?

Yes! Although this can be either an acoustic piano, or a digital piano. If a digital piano is used, this should ideally have 88 keys, and they should be weighted. It is important that students practice between lessons, otherwise they will not progress.

How much practice do I need to do?

This primarily depends on what level you are. For a child beginning piano lessons, 10 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week is sufficient. If you are more advanced, then 30 minutes, 5 days a week is recommended by most teachers. The MOST important thing however, is regularity. Even if you can’t find 30 minutes on multiple days per week, it is better to do 10 minutes on 4 days than trying to do over an hour on one day.

At what age should my child start lessons?

As a guide, 7 years old is a good time to start lessons.

I used to play as a child, and then gave up. I wish I hadn’t stopped lessons. Can I have lessons now as an adult?

Absolutely! If I had a penny for every person who asked a question along these lines, I’d be living in on an island in the Maldives! It doesn’t matter how many years ago you stopped having lessons, you can always pick them up again. Together, we will explore what you remember, and work out a plan to ease you back into playing the piano gently.

I recently retired. Am I too old to learn the piano?

Learning the piano is a fantastic thing to do regardless of how old you are. The only requirements are a love for music, a willingness to learn, and making time for regular practice.

Do I have to do grades?

This is entirely up to you. If you wish to simply play for your own enjoyment then that is fine. Grades can be useful as benchmarks, but they are not used as a curriculum, simply because there is so much good music to discover outside of examinations. Some teachers, upon a student passing their exam, immediately present them with the next exam book. I do not do this. Apart from the additional musical discoveries that you will make outside of exams, it is important that you build up your technique between exams to enable you to be successful at the next grade.

Can you teach music theory?

Yes. I am happy to specifically teach theory, which may be useful if you need to pass Grade 5 theory to enable to you take post Grade 5 ABRSM practical exam. It may also be useful if you are studying for GCSE or A-Level music. I also teach music theory as a part of piano lessons. In fact, you will likely learn much music theory without even realising that you are learning it!

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