My approach to piano lessons

Lloyd Buck

My approach to piano lessons is a blend of reading music and honing aural skills, creating a dynamic learning environment where students thrive and have fun. I’ve learned that each student has their own unique pace, and I firmly believe in taking exams only when students are fully prepared. Rushing through grades just for the qualification often saps the joy out of music, turning lessons and practice into a tedious chore rather than an enjoyable pursuit.

A cornerstone of my teaching approach is building a solid technique in my students. A robust technique is the foundation of my own musical journey, enabling me to reach greater heights in my playing. To make technical work engaging and productive, I carefully structure lessons to avoid the boredom and discouragement that can often accompany this aspect of learning.

I value the importance of giving students a say in the music they play. As both a performer and a teacher, I’ve discovered that when students are genuinely enthusiastic about a piece, their learning experience becomes more gratifying, and their performance reaches a higher standard.

Motivation is a key factor in my teaching. I firmly believe that lessons should be enjoyable while maintaining high standards. Through my experience, I’ve noticed that the most dedicated students are the ones who derive the most enjoyment from their music. I frequently demonstrate techniques and interpretations in my teaching. It not only captivates students but also serves as a valuable learning tool. Many children can replicate something they didn’t fully grasp when explained in words when they see and hear it in action.

Music theory is essential for advancement. I provide comprehensive music theory instruction as an integral part of lessons, and use practical examples to make theory more accessible and relevant to students.

Good and consistent practice habits are essential to future prospects. I foster disciplined practice routines by setting achievable goals, offering practice strategies, and tracking progress. I keep students accountable and motivated to practice regularly. For young learners, parental support is often the key to success!

Performance anxiety is a major problem for many pianists. I provide guidance on managing anxiety and stress, and include performance opportunities, so building students’ confidence.

My personal journey with learning a musical instrument has been incredibly rewarding, fostering the development of life skills. I thrive on embracing new challenges and take immense satisfaction in helping others acquire the skills I’ve honed over the years. Passing on these skills is a fulfilling endeavour, and I relish the opportunity to do so.